Some Fallout 4 Stuff To Fall Out Over

Fallout 4 V-T MB Bethesda Softworks thinks knows it’s clever, getting all these amazing Fallout 4 goodies out there in the wild for all us collector types to collect as if we’re in one of their games collecting stuff. Well, without the being attacked by mutants and other irradiated deviants in the Wasteland. Here’s a quick peek at some of the nifty (and somewhat safe) stuff to be found in your travels. If you happen to be a lazy Vault-dweller too frightened to leave and explore the outside world, guess what? The internet is your friend (mostly). You can get your F4 goodies delivered just about anywhere in the U. S. of A. with a few clicks of a mouse. Well, provided that mouse isn’t alive, about a foot or so long (d’aww! it’s just a baby!) and and trying to bite off one or more of your toes as you roll around on the floor with it fighting for your life.

The Art of Fallout 4While Dark Horse Comics’ The Art of Fallout 4 ($39.99) doesn’t hit stores until December 22, 2015, that will give those of you who’ve snapped up the game ample chance to explore what’s there and appreciate what’s in the book all the more.

192 pages of excellent concept art including character, environment and weapon designs should keep you busy recalling who and what did you in on those occasions when you were distracted by something in the distance. The book also features developer commentary in handy readable type, so it’s not all pretty pictures and sore memories of your past demises that will keep you turning pages. Um, just don’t play the game while reading the book because you’ll die even more.

F4 Guide collectors edition F4 Guide standard edition

If you really need something to read while you’re playing the game, I’d suggest the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide, available in Standard ($30.00) and Collector’s Edition ($40.00) variants. Both may seem the same as they also include a FREE Mobile-Friendly eGuide that’s optimized for a second-screen experience. But the CE has a nice hardcover that according to some reports may stop certain Wasteland weapons if it’s placed between you and them (under that Vault-Tec Varsity Hoodie chest area, perhaps?). Um, your mileage may vary (remember to duck behind some actual cover when being fired upon), but better safe than sorry, right?

Monopoly Fallout CELet’s say playing something too modern like a videogame scares you to death. Or perhaps you’re afraid you’re just not coordinated enough to be any good at surviving the all-encompassing experience of Fallout 4. Well, you’re not quite out of luck, pal. You can round up a few fellow Vault dwellers and play Monopoly: Fallout Collector’s Edition ($39.99, out October 30).

It’s the same addictive Monopoly you know and love but with a white-hot Fallout twist. If you’ve never played Monopoly, well… prepare for an education in fighting to the death over (now somewhat radioactive) real estate. You can even pretend those game pieces are made of pure lead if you want to add a bit of real-life role-playing to the experience. Um, just don’t swallow your favorite piece so no one else can use it when you’re out in the Wasteland scrounging for supplies. It may go down easy, but it’s going to be trouble when it wants to make an exit and you’ve got three Radscorpions skittering after you.

Vault-Tec_MB Yeah, you know you want a Vault-Tec General Issue Survival Messenger Bag ($68.00) as part of your gear when you finally awaken from that long slumber. Constructed of durable Nylon and measuring about 12″ L x 16″ W x 5″ D, the bag will fit and protect that aged laptop quite well (whether it still works or not). You’ll probably want to use it for rations and packing some custom made heat for that trip outdoors, but I’d bet a busted laptop would make a clever blunt weapon if you swing it properly.

There are a lot more cool Fallout 4 items to ogle lovingly, but I’ll shut up here and let you go see for yourself by clicking on some of those links you’ll see at the Bethsoft store. You DID remember to pre-order the game, right? Good. Also, Bethesda is giving away some of that swag every Monday until the game’s November 10, 2015 launch and all you need to do is lend them your email address and sit back comfortably if you’re feeling incredibly lucky.

Fallout 4 Free Swag

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