Red Dead Redemption II Gameplay Trailer 2: Told Ya So (Plus Tax)!

I’d seen a few folks online (and more offline) bemoan the lack of Rockstar pumping out more info or gameplay on Read Dead Redemption 2 and this past week and weekend telling a few folks not to fret and the push was coming. Well, lookie here, a new trailer dropping on a Monday without warning: Enjoy:

Also, the game’s cover art has been updated, so here you go (and yep, I’ll need to go back and pop this image into previous posts at some point:

RDR_II cover art new

Liking the updated cover art, as it recalls some fine Western classics.

As for that “Plus Tax” part, it’s worth those extra pennies in terms of a little cinematic education lesson. As a lead up to RDR II, here’s a fantastic list from the old Rockstar Recommends series on classic westerns to watch:

The Wild Bunch

High Plains Drifter

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

The Proposition (also check check out the original short film made from Red Dead Redemption by Proposition director, John Hillcoat)

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre


The Shootist

A roundup of the  “Best of the Rest of the West” plus parts one, two, and three in their “Weird West” series.

Oh, wait. Don’t go away yet. You’ll likely want one of these for your journey:

RDR_II guide

Get it here and remember: “Readin’ is a good thing when you learn stuff.”

I think that about covers the basics, but I’ll be back with more, as it doesn’t. We’ll hopefully yap about the online mode a spell and maybe take a look at some nice moving pictures (or non-moving ones) if they magically can be made before too long passes. Don’t hold me to that claim, though. Sometimes the Pony Express runs into trouble.



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