E3 2014: No Man’s Sky: Take To The Stars And Explore In This Stunning Sci-Fi Soon To Be Smash…

Hello Games, you just made E3 much better. No Man’s Sky, initially set for a PS4 and PC release, looks absolutely phenomenal and what’s even more amazing is the small developer (less than ten people made this!) almost lost their baby entirely to flooded offices last year. As you can see below, the game is looking as if that flood never, ever occurred:

Given that the last game I played with seamless transitions from first-person gameplay to piloting a spaceship was the interesting but still questionable Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, this game is a complete revelation as to what an indie team with bigger goals can accomplish. No Man’s Sky truly looks like concept art come to life and if anyone else is getting a serious Ralph McQuarrie vibe (to me, THE late master of sci-fi film concept art thanks to his work on the original Star Wars films) , I’d bet they’re on the right track as to one of the dev team’s influences…

Anyway, this one’s set for a 2015 release I believe and yes, is worth getting that PS4 for if it delivers the goods and is even more polished than what’s here. Mark this one down as a show favorite that doesn’t rely on “realism” or common expectations about what a game should be or play like. The exploration elements alone means no two people will play this one alike. New worlds to discover and explore at will are always great and this game looks to bring players in and hook them for ages. Keep an eye peeled on this one, folks – it’s bound to be a Game of the Year candidate when it finally ships…

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