E3 2014: Bloodborne: FromSoftware Shakes It Up With A Mighty, Grim PS4 Exclusive…

Too much stuff to cover means you get bits and pieces of what I find cool, so here’s the amazing teaser trailer from FromSoftware’s upcoming Bloodborne, a PlayStation 4 exclusive that looks pretty unsettling and surprised a lot of gamers who thought the veteran developer would immediately get to work on next-gen versions of Dark Souls for Sony and Microsoft. Nope. I figured the team wanted a break from that dark, grimy series, so this dark, grimy and gorier-looking game with gameplay that’s yet to be unveiled is next up on their plate. I’m holding my breath for screens and gameplay videos and I know SCEA will make me come up for air to download them when they’re ready. I think it’s time to get that PS4 if you haven’t yet…

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