Panzer Paladin: Tribute Games Has Been Busy, It Seems

panzer paladin


Whip it good, Squire!

Montreal-base indie developer Tribute Games has been a fan favorite for a few years (go sign up here and follow them, I say), with games such as Flinthook, Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition, Ninja Senki DX, and Curses ‘N Chaos being games I’ve enjoyed in the past along with many others. I haven’t yet played Wizorb yet because it hasn’t come to consoles, my Steam library is so huge I’d probably forget that I bought it by the time I got to the backlog there, and I have no mobile device to play it on (gasp!).

Anyway, their in-progress game, Panzer Paladin is set for a release this coming Spring and is looking quite fantastic so far, so yes, lets take a look at some early gameplay here:

Lovely, huh?

Twitch demo

Attend or watch – it’s your move!

The company is setting up a nifty little push with a demo night of the game and 14 other indies. The catch is, you kind of need to be in Canada, otherwise it’s a worldwide Twitch stream for you. Go here for event tickets and here for info on the Twitch stream. Oh, that stream is in French and English, but if you’re a speaker and/or want to appreciate the language while looking at some fantastic and varied games, you’re more than welcome to do so. Um, vous êtes plus que bienvenus à le faire. (my French is assez misérable, sorry!). The developer also has its own Twitch page here, so follow along if you’re a subscriber.

Uh, have some screenshots, instead?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, and by the way, Tribute Games is hiring, so if you’re the qualified sort, read on for details:

We are hiring! / Nous embauchons!

We’re looking for a full-time Games Marketing Manager to join our team in Montreal. We are looking for someone that is fluent in both English and French. If you think you are the right fit for the job, we’d be happy to have a look at your application! You can submit it in either English or French by clicking on one of these buttons below.

English or Français

Good Luck!



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