Review: Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard (PC)


Got five bucks and about an hour to spare? Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard (also available here) will have you letting out a few much needed laughs as you solve the aforementioned case but good. It’s the first game I’ve played from Worm Club (@gracebruxner and @thomasbowker) and it won’t be the last, as I see Grace has an page and this is a good thing. Anyway, the game is short and simple, charming and droll, two tastes that taste great together, as it were. Oh, and it has LOBSTER COP in it, but don’t tell the Detective this, as he’s the real star. Don’t tell him that either (he’ll figure it out, as he’s a detective).

In this brief case (ha, ha, and yes, I need to play the first one at some point), you get to tackle a few simple tasks in pure point and click fashion, moving with the WASD or arrow keys, collecting items, and delivering them to the people in need. The game isn’t a brain melt at all, but that’s totally fine because it’s going to make you grin a few times and/or bust out laughing if you’re into the vibe it brings. “Is it for kids? It looks like a kids game!” you may be saying with a raised eyebrow (or no raised eyebrow, if you can’t do that). Well, I guess it could be, but the humor may or may not be above their pay grade depending on the kid and if the parent(s) have a decent sense of humor and have been passing it on. LOBSTER COP gives you a notebook you can decorate with stickers, so maybe it is a kids game? Or it’s one that will make you feel a younger frog’s sense of exploration and detecting. Also, the music is outstanding, with jazzy noir rolling in and keeping the smiles going.

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There’s nothing offensive or crude here, but I guess the back and forth about Mary when she happily extorts the Detective and he happily complies might take a short explanation (although I’d bet some smart kids will get it first, and have to explain it to their parents). If there was an award for Least Offensive And Pretty Fun Because It’s Just Great Stuff, well, this game would be a winner of that plaque or trophy. Maybe 1 Money as well, but that’s kind of a bribe, I think. Where was I? Oh, right. Cute, I want more, and someone get Ratalaika Games or Sometimes you on the horn, as this series would make a great console port at some point.

Score: A (90%)


-Review code provided by the publisher


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