The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics: That’s The Way To Get Me To Play

I don’t have Netflix these days (boo, but streaming is awful and spotty around here), so I haven’t seen the new show at all. But I was around when the original film was released, saw it a few times since and have a fondness for the material, so Enmasse’s and Bonus XP are cooking up a game I really want to play. There’s a neat PlayStation Blog post on the upcoming game to check out, and those screenshots are looking mighty nice. To he honest, I’d rather play this game than some sort of action/platform game or open-world experience, but I wouldn’t be averse to those if they were well made and did proper justice to the source material.

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February 4, 2020 isn’t so far away, that’s for sure. As a big and longtime turn-based tactics fan, I’m looking forward to this one. It’ll also be on other consoles as well as PC, so you’re covered on that front.




4 thoughts on “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics: That’s The Way To Get Me To Play

  1. I’ve never seen ‘The Dark Crystal’, and I definitely know nothing about the video game, but I do have a question for you: does your collection contain more movies or more games?

    And I hope you have yourself a very nice snowbound Christmas, wherever you may be (well, I know you live in NY, but you might be traveling somewhere for the 25th).


    • It used to be lots more movies and a small games library, but I’d sold off the VHS stuff, some DVD’s and and a small library of Laser Discs I got when a shop was having a closeout sale (I never got that Panasonic LD player I had an eye on – too expensive, even when it was on sale!!). If I’m mot mistaken, a video store got most of the tapes back around about 2000 or so, the LD’s went all to one guy (they were unopened and he was collecting them). The DVD’s went to a few different people. Naturally (lol), I ended up collecting some movies soon afterward because of screeners and prices dropping on titles I didn’t have or old stuff I missed. It figures.

      It’s probably like 2000+ games and a few (about 200 or so? I need to count) movies now, but between the pawn shops nearby I’ve been looking at a few dozen more movies at some nice prices, or I’ll borrow stuff from the library or a friend if it’s something I want to revisit or see that I haven’t yet. Well that and cable is turning into a small haven these days, playing stuff in rotation on a few channels.

      Merry Christmas to you too! I’ve no plans other than the some family coming by to visit (hey, didn’t they do that two weeks ago, *grumble!*, but yeah, I’ll open the door, lol.


      • Dang, that’s a smokin’ collection of games! I own, um…two, both of them hockey games. But I have close to a thousand movies, if that means anything!

        And I bet that LD guy was salivating like a madman when he found out your discs were unopened! And my Christmas? I’ll be home alone relaxing and watching movies…aaahhh, paradise!


      • Oh, that LD guy was almost ready to drive here, lol. It wasn’t a large amount of them, but considering what I paid for them and what he bought them for (which was still far less than what they were online), I think he was pleased. I think two or three fetch over $200 now or more, so he’s probably dancing over that, lol.

        Close to 1000 movies IS impressive, so yeah, anyone who visits and says “there’s nothing to watch!” means… you won’t show them your Andy Sidaris collection? Or something. I forget…


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