Red Dead Redemption II Says: Go West, or Just Stay In (and Still Go West)

RDR II out now

To quote the the late, great Tom Petty: “The waiting is the hardest part…”

“People call me lazy. I’m not lazy. Just don’t like working. There’s a difference”
-Uncle, That Western Game

So yeah, this is funny. I woke up late and had to run out for an appointment, but I’d put in a request for a review code of That Western Game before I rushed out. I also put in a request for a game that wasn’t That Western Game as well, shut down the laptop and scooted along on my merry way. On the way to that appointment, I ran into four people I knew in one way or another who either asked why I wasn’t home playing That Western Game or noting the sole reason they were outside NOT playing That Western Game was because they were also waiting for it to download or install an update or they were stocking up on supplies for the weekend plus so they could play That Western Game totally undisturbed.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAnyway, a little bit later, I’m headed back home and run into someone else who asks me about That Western Game, more specifically if he should delete a ton of his games from his PS4’s hard drive in order to download it. Amusingly enough. I’d just gotten a Western Digital (no, seriously!) 2TB Gaming Drive yesterday from the company to review, so I recommended that be his next purchase along with the game. That’s NOT my full review, by the way (it’ll go up this weekend), but a hearty recommendation in case you’re debating the same thing.

Good deed done for the day, I get home only to find a friend had decided to swing by to return some Blu-Rays he’s borrowed and is waiting in the lobby. We go up and as I know he’s not a big gamer, I don’t mention That Western Game, but he does, asking it I had it yet. We get upstairs and as I’m checking my email to discover that yes, I had a review code for That Western Game in my inbox along with a few other review codes (lovely),  I get to the downloading stuff, knowing that it would be a few hours before That Western Game was ready to play.

My movie=borrowing pal was somewhat curious about another game I was downloading and I find out that while he’s not a modern game fan… boy, does he love the classics. A few minutes later, we’re playing Heavy Burger for over two hours plus and I whipped out the fastest review I’d done in quite some time. It helped a lot that the game was stupidly good. He left happy, I got some (of a rather lot of) work done and yep, I’m still waiting for That Western Game to finish downloading. it’s the Ultimate Edition, so there’s a wee bit more time on the waiting front. Ah well, off to either wait some more or whip out another post, as I have a koo-koo-kooraaazy backlog I’m whipping through.



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