One Upon Light: Boxed In Braniac Braves Brightness

One Upon Light art

Rising Star Games has a really nice, stylized top-down puzzle game on PS4 now and coming to PC later this month in the form of One Upon Light, the award winning 2014 game from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD Game Lab). As you can see above and below, the black and white visuals pack quite a punch as The Scientist needs to make his was out of that deadly lab without letting any sunlight touch him. I’d gather there’s a story-based reason for all that crate shifting and light avoiding, or else it’s an “inspired bu a true story” game about every gamer who’s ever spent too long indoors binge-playing that latest RPG or other favorite title. Yeah, that’s a lousy stereotype… but I just know some of you out there just yelled out “That’s the story of my life!” and choked a little on that Mountain Dew you were swigging.

The really amusing thing here is if the chose to, SUTD can whip out a sequel or entirely new game in no time flat by changing the main character to a vampire and adding assorted hunter he needs to escape from as he or she makes his/her way through a crumbling castle or other well past its prime real estate. Add in a few light RPG elements, perhaps a few different locations if players escape and some sort of leaderboards for the braggarts, and you have another hit. Of course, I’m only half joking and I’d bet a penny that some indie developer is already cranking out something similar as we speak. Still, this one looks like an instant classic and yes, has the awards to prove it.

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