THIEF Launch Trailer: So Much For the Element of Surprise, Huh?

Hey Garrett! The jig’s up, you know. SOMEONE decided to shoot out this launch trailer BEFORE your crafty little game has shipped out so now EVERYONE will know what you’re up to and perhaps NOT want to let such a skilled thief into their homes. You’re not going to succeed in your burgling ways if everyone tapes shut their windows, triple-bars their doors and gets a guard dog for the guard dog. Ha! You think you’re still going to get around safely now that we all know that you’re up to (or will be on February 25)? Yeah, well… good luck with that, pal. I think it was someone at Square Enix or Eidos, by the way (in case you want to get all clubby and stabby or something). You go take care of them and maybe you’ll see a few folks who didn’t see this post pop up on launch day to pick you up and take you home with them. You KNOW what to do after that, correct? I thought so…

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