Game of Thrones “Artisan Piece” Vignettes: Making Westeros As Lovely And Deadly As Ever…

I haven’t been keeping up with all these behind the scenes videos on Season Four, but I may as well post the two that jumped out at me thanks to someone pointing me to them earlier. I’m gathering all these locations around the world that get used on the show make great tourist dollar traps afterwards for those who can afford the vacation and maybe an arrow to the knee from some pissed of local who’s tired of loud crowds tromping through their back yards cooing and pointing at every tree, rock and body of water that LOOKS as if it’s straight from the show.

Yeah, that can get tiring for sure. On the other hand, you KNOW there’s that ONE guy or gal who’s making a killing being some sort of unofficial “official” go-to person who’s a font of knowledge about the areas and histories of everything they lay an eyeball on. Of course, there’s a good chance they’re lying through their teeth about half the stuff they’re bending your willing ear over. But that’s a good thing if you end up falling for their tall tales, correct? After all, you wouldn’t be a fantasy fan if you weren’t a sucker for a tale told well, right? Yeah, you know that’s true…

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