Kickstarters of Note: Some Wizards & Worriers Vying For Prime Pledges

Oh, the puns one thinks up for these sorts of pieces. Okay, it’s a pretty lousy one (yes, I know), but that’s not going to stop you from popping open your wallet and sliding a pledge to one or all of these interesting looking games, right?


My Uncle Merlin: a Tale of Wizards in Space – Predrag Mladenovic’s and Pocket Mana’s upcoming adventure game with RPG elements has a nicely quirky art style and sense of humor to match the visual fun on display.  Oh, and there’s a flying tower with a dragon that needs to be fed its fuel (which may or may not be people you meet during your travels). There’s a free demo available for Windows that you should check out for yourself, as there’s a nifty Monkey Island meets Discworld vibe going on here that’s worth a look. There’s a solid sense of humor here and that Checky Pointy amulet is somewhat of a bacon saver, ladies and gents. Two weeks to go on this campaign means you’ll want to get in fast and tell a few friends, too.

Deiland 1

Deiland – With full support from Square/Enix’ Collective, this very pretty indie game’s risen quickly in popularity and pledges to almost twice its goal, but go send a few extra bucks their way if you please. This “RPG, adventure and sandbox game in a little planet” has a few influences going on from classic literary (The Little Prince) to popular games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. This one’s also coming to PS4, so Sony fans will get yet another cool indie game at some point in 2018.


Raji 04

Raji: An Ancient Epic – this absolutely beautiful looking isometric action/adventure game is set in ancient India with a female protagonist, some excellent animation and yes, developer Nodding Heads Games is working on PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions just so more people can play this one. Go India with that burgeoning dev scene getting better and better! There’s also a PC demo up on the Kickstarter page if you want to check this one out early before you pledge. While it’s not quite close to its target, here’s the hope the more of you out there give this one some love.



TRÜBERBROOK – A Nerd Saves the World – This hand-crafted sci-fi adventure is looking so grand and although well-funded, is well worth checking out even if you don’t back it. The artwork and animation is somewhat stunning, but check out the pitch to see some of how it was done and your wallet will slap you in the face if you haven’t pledged. As it’s supposed to hit consoles and PC at some point, I’ll be dying to get my paws on it when the game is finally released. But as I’m broke as hell these days, I’ll just have to hold my breath and wait to play it when it pops up on PSN. It certainly looks as if it’ll be worth the blue face.

Alrighty then, My good deeds are done for the day and I shall take my leave as I’ve a few films to catch up on as well as some game reviews to get to. Pledge proudly and make these games part of your library, I say.



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