Persona 5’s New Trailer Is A Game-Selling Jaw Dropper


Well, now. Or: Holy WOW, Persona 5 cannot come out soon enough. While I still miss the absolutely gorgeous and intentionally strange artwork of the great Kaneko Kazuma, Shigenori Soejima’s absolutely lovely work is a fine enough homage to Kazuma’s style that it makes me happy to see it work so flawlessly. That animation and new game engine flow like buttah, the new game looks like it’s going to play faster and that sexy interface and battle results screens? Yup. SOLD. I’d write more, but I need to go make dinner and then figure out how to escape into the future when this PS3/PS4 exclusive drops and be the first one to grab a copy, play it and NOT tell anyone I did so until it’s time to let loose a full review.

4 thoughts on “Persona 5’s New Trailer Is A Game-Selling Jaw Dropper

  1. That so far beyond the Persona I played on PSX it’s ridiculous. I recognize some of the concepts, but…

    When my son goes off to college in August, surely it’s for his own good that his PS4 stays home, right?


    • Yeah, the franchise has gone through some modernization for sure. The core demon fusing stuff is there as always, but the different dev teams have updated things to a stage where you’re on board the train or under it, lol. And yeah, unless your son is going to be studying game design, lock up that system. Of course, as it’s coming to PS3 as well, he may just get one of those used and fool both of us… 😀

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  2. So hyped for Persona 5!! Great trailer! Those slick UI! That slew of new characters introduced! Hope the US version will be out close to the JP release date. Maybe a month or two afterwards? So I’ll still have time to finish FFXV.


    • Heh. (whips out rocking chair): Kid, back in my day, we had to wait a YEAR or more for a Persona localization for the PS1 and even then, we got some over-edited version that was like air on the moon because we were dying to play something so new and cool. (falls off rocking chair)

      But yeah, this does look pretty and pretty eye-catching. I actually didn’t much like most of Persona 3 and 4’s art direction although the games were fantastic. This is both a return to form (character art) and a fresh take on things that made me smile because the franchise has been around since the 80’s in Japan and shows no signs of stopping. As long as the team takes its time and doesn’t listen to the yellers about rushing out an installment when THEY want one, I think the series is safe from most negative criticism.

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