Fight N’ Rage: Retro Punch, Right Where It’s Needed

Fight N Rage logo

F. Norris

POW! From publisher/port home BlitWorks and solo developer SebaGamesDev (or sebagamesdev) comes this fun-looking throwback that’s landed on Switch and Xbox One as of the 26th (and is also set for a PS4 release) for a mere $19.99. Here’s the trailer, but try to keep from grinning broadly so much because it really brings back memories of the old arcade days:


Several endings: Your in-game actions will decide the story!
Explosive combo system: Blow up your enemies with special combos!
Lots of unlockables: Costumes, Game Modes, Options and even playable enemies!
Different weapons and Parry System.
Easy to play, hard to master.
Local co-op mode: Up to 3 players with optional friendly fire.
VS Mode: 1vs1 battles against another player or the CPU. Or simply watch CPU vs
CPU battles.
Additional near impossible extra challenges for pro gamers!

Yeah, this looks like some awesome SNK or Capcom beat ’em up from the mid 90’s, but this is a good thing. The STEAM and GOG versions of the game had been out for since 2017 and have an overall 94% rating from STEAM users, a good sign that the port is in for similar reviews it all goes well. Speaking of, yours truly has just put in a review code request, so we’ll soon see what the fuss is all about.

Here are a few screens, by the way.  This looks like a ton of old school fun:

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