Smoking Wallet Alert: A Few Black Friday Deals

Yes, it’s going to be total shopping frenzy for some of you out there in internet land and sure, you can go nuts looking for deals and getting elbows to the forehead at the local mall if you like. Me, I’m going to just sit comfortably at home and silently drop a few fine deals in your laps and let you deal with them as you see fit. Feel free to supplement those with other deals you find while poking around and you can pretty much sleepwalk through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, International Empty Wallet Day or whatever other day you want to whip out that credit, debit or gift card. If you’re into constant deals any time of the year, a handy app such as RetailMeNot will help out in tracking all sorts of deals whenever you’ve the urge.


Does whatever a spider can? Hah! Spiders don’t make anywhere as much moolah as this game has this year, that’s for sure.

PlayStation Deals! Sony’s got a fantastic set of sales happening from now until November 26. Start here for some great deals on a new PS4 Spider-Man bundle, two different PSVR bundles (I’d go with the PSVR+ Moss/Astro Bot deal, but if you prefer Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot VR, it’s your call) and Dual Shock 4 deals (get a few of those at that price). There’s also a Black Friday Sale on digital games and other downloadable content that should have some of you stocking up on a few titles at temporary bargain prices. Oh, and for those of you with PS Plus or those interested in renewing the service at $20 off the standard price, that $40 deal for a yearly sub is not to be missed.


If you’re going to go all in with PSVR, go with two of the best titles VR titles on the system.

There are also Black Friday-related game deals on individual digital titles on PSN as well as plenty of in-store retail deals to check out, so feel free to poke around online or even pop into that nearby retailer if you’re so inclined.

Forza XBO deal

Microsoft knows how to drive a not so hard bargain, that’s for sure.

Xbox Deals! Microsoft recently got itself a few wonderful presents in its acquisition of inXile Studios and Obsidian Entertainment, which seems to bode really well for fans of western-style role playing games who happen to own decent gaming PC’s and/or an Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X. So, yes, they have a lot to be thankful for and they get some excellent Black Friday deals as well. Starting with $100 off any console bundle and moving onto standard and custom controllers, there’s a nice list of stuff to buy before we even get to the digital and physical game deals. Yeah, that’s right – physical! Sony sadly doesn’t offer up physical games for sale on PSN, but yes, a trip to your nearest game retailer will do you up just fine (and you kind of need the outdoor time, I bet).

If you need an optional Xbox Game Pass for its monthly selection of older titles backward compatible on that new system, the first month is only a dollar for a limited time. Xbox Live Gold is also a buck for the first month and yes, you just may want to snap up a subscription deal at the same time so you can renew for a lower price than usual (except for that yearly sub for some reason). If you’re interested in more than games and perhaps need a new laptop PC or tablet, Microsoft also has a number of other Black Friday Deals to peruse at your leisure. Well, not quite at your leisure, as these sales won’t last forever and you likely don’t want to miss out.


It’s a-him, doing his thing. That thing he does on so well. Making lots of money, that is.

Nintendo Deals! Yes, last but definitely not least, Nintendo of America’s nifty Black Friday Deals run the gamut from Switch and 3DS/2DS systems galore to the new Labo kits (on sale via Best Buy) ready to get the kids and parents fiddling with cardboard peripherals, and a load of game Cyber Deals for all their current lineup (Switch, 3DS/2DS). Both the NES Classic and Super NES Classic are back in stock all over the place, so if you need one, or both (I do!) it’s probably a good time to snap them up before they vanish again.


It’s a-him, again. Dude sure knows how to get around and get into your wallet. Kind of just like an actual plumber, if you think about it.

Of course, if you really want to go all out and take a trip to New York City as a true Nintendo fan, then a stop at the Nintendo World Store is a mandate, period. Yes, yes, Sony and Microsoft have retail locations where you can purchase their official products and accessories, but there’s something, shall we say… magical about Nintendo World that makes it quite worth the special trip. Enter with a grin, leave with a huge smile (and very likely a melted credit card).

Oh, we’re not done yet, folks. I’ll pop in tomorrow at some point with a few other suggestions and diversions of the common to uncommon gift variety. Pop back in if you’re not overstuffed with stuffing and other stuff. I’m not doing a dang thing other than catching up with some reviews and a handful of posts, so you’ll be hearing from me even if you don’t want to.



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