The Good Life: Holy Cats (and Dogs), We Need this Game!

The Good Life Demo

Click that banner and the demo is all yours!

If I had a few hundred thousand dollars lying around (I just checked under the mattress and sadly, I don’t), I’d be the first one to up my pledge to The Good Life, the new PC and PS4 game co-developed by SWERY (Deadly Premonition) and Yukio Futatsugi (Panzer Dragoon, Phantom Dust), along with their development teams at White Owls and G-rounding. The Kickstarter has less than three days to go and it’s about $122,000 short of its goal. There’s an excellent short Protptype Demo you can and should try if you’re curious, and while it’s merely an unfinished slice of a game still in the development, you’ll really get the sense that something unique and intriguing is shaping up over in Osaka.



Naomi Life

The demo is made up up a few photography missions with lead character Naomi tackling the task of snapping pics for a few eager citizens of Rainy Woods, the fictional UK village the temporarily transplanted New Yorker finds herself in. The game is labeled as a a debt repayment daily life RPG and in true SWERY fashion, there’s at least one murder that requires solving. The game is also one in which the citizens of Rainy Woods (and Naomi) can transform into cats or dogs once a month while retaining their individual personalities. As you can guess, this mash-up of genres is certainly working for the game’s appeal among fans of SWERY’s other work, but might be a bit too weird for some less open minded gamers.

The Good Life LRG

Still, there’s time enough for a few small to large pushes to that goal. The game has some excellent-looking physical bonuses planned with Limited Run Games chosen to produce what looks like a really lovely collector’s edition for PS4 owners. Of course, those pledges need to roll in fast with that clock ticking down and I know the creators and dev teams are all keeping their fingers, toes and paws crossed that this dream finally comes true. Go check out the links above and maybe tell a few friends who want to support this, I say.



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