Gallery: Niten


“Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world”
– Miyamoto Musashi

That quote from Musashi’s classic The Book of Five Rings is seemingly what Edinburgh, Scotland-based indie developer Donald Macdonald is aiming to convey with Niten, an upcoming first-person exploration game currently available for backing on Kickstarter that blazed through the Steam Greenlight approval process in a mere ten days. Created with Unreal Engine 4 and Speedtree assets, MacDonald’s interactive adventure looks absolutely glorious with an open world beckoning to be fully explored as the story plays out:

In search of the past and the present find yourself lost on a remote island off the coast of Japan. Uncover the mystery where ancient Japanese culture meets breathtaking scenery, blossoming cherry trees and a sky that tells a story in its self. Watch the weather turn and see the sun go down, feel the chill of the morning mist and let the glowing fireflies guide you as you search to uncover the truth of the island.


As for that island, let’s take a look at some gorgeous screenshots below the jump. Passports ready? Good. We’re off:

done (1) done (2) done (3) done (4) done (9) done (8) done (7) done (6) done (5) new (12) new (11) new (10) new (9) new (8) new (7) new (6) new (5) new (4) new (3) new (2) new (1)


In addition to the Steam version, the game will also get a VR version thanks to the generosity of HTC recently presenting MacDonald with a Vive VR development kit. As a huge fan of these sorts of exploration games (Dear Esther, Gone Home and a number of others unfairly dubbed “walking simulators” by some gamers), Niten certainly looks as if will be a wonderful addition to the genre. That and players will have the opportunity to create and care for a virtual Zen garden no matter how much of a brown thumb they are.

Anyway, add this one to your wishlist and go shoot a few dollars down to young MacDonald if you really love what you’ve seen so far.

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