April PSN Flash Sale: Your Wallet Just Went On A Crash Diet

PSN Flash Sale April…and is now MUCH lighter. Thanks, Sony!  This new PSN Flash Sale will have your head spinning as the values pile up in your digital shopping cart thanks to so many deals on PS4, PS3, and Vita games plus a bunch of Video content to keep you entertained and your friends wondering how you can afford all that content.  Hey, up to 75% off is nothing to sneeze at. Unless you’re allergic to discounts (of course).

PSN Flash Sale April2

In case you didn’t get the picture – there are some NICE deals here!

Of course, they probably know all about this sale by now if they’ve read this far and they’re busy clicking away adding stuff to their carts in order to entertain themselves and make YOU jealous.  Such is life, right? Anyway, get to it – there’s a lot of tempting stuff there and you don’t have much time to spare.

4 thoughts on “April PSN Flash Sale: Your Wallet Just Went On A Crash Diet

  1. This sale looks awesome. So many good games. Have my eye on Killzone: Shadow Fall for a while now. Debating whether I should pull the trigger or wait for the Golden Week Sale.

    By the way, I gave Dungeon Siege a try. Like it so far. Still getting use to the camera controls. Makes me dizzy sometimes.


    • My eye is on some of the Vita stuff (Rock Boshers was fun on PC and Curses & Chaos looks cool. Maybe Aqua Kitty once I look at gameplay vids). I should get Godzilla because I need a good mindless stomper to mess with on days like this. And yep that DS camera is wacky at times. I play/played zoomed all the way out and I think I turned off the screen edge turning because it gets insane when the camera gets spinning when you barely graze the edge of the screen with your mouse. This means you need to manually adjust, but it’s easier on the eyeballs.

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    • SO do I. My wallet hates me, though, lol. I only got three titles this time. Godzlla, Aqua Kitty DX and Rock Boshers DX. All come recommended if you haven’t picked them up yet.


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