Elevator (In)Action

(Thanks, HAMSTER Corporation!)

A few days ago, I got stuck in the elevator here with another guy who, after we let Security know of the issue via intercom and they said they were on it, started asking me about sports. Well, that was a dull, but enlightening (for him, I think) mercifully brief conversation. I told him I didn’t really watch sports except when I popped by a friend’s place and a sport of choice was on TV. If I’m asked who I like, I almost always counter ask “which team is winning?”, which by the way, has gotten me a few mean looks over the years, but quite a few more laughs. Like a perfect pitch, it’s all in the delivery, I guess. Well, and it depends on a good mix of catchers and not some folks who want to hit you hard with bats, as well.

give us that watch

It’s a mugging, I say!

Anyway, I think the guy looked at me as if I was a space alien visiting from somewhere, but my joke about the elevator being a busted TARDIS went a few feet above his head. It’s a good thing I made no jokes about needing a new companion in my travels, as if you don’t get one Doctor Who joke, you certainly won’t get a second one. I did mention that I have played some sports-themed video games and still do from time to time, so at least he was looking at me a lot less suspiciously after that information.

Small talk on sports turned to bigger talk about shopping, as we were both headed to different grocery stores. There are over 20 within walking distance and that’s not including the smaller to medium sized produce and fish spots. Then again, supplies have been slim on certain things, but that’s to be expected. We were stuck for about 35 minutes before we heard some shuffling outside and someone banged on the door, asking “Anyone still in there?”. I laughed and we both said “Where we gonna go?”, to which there was a “Just checking – you’ll be out in a second!” which kind of sort of rhymes when you say it like the voice on the other side of the door did.

(Thanks. horrornymphs!)

Just then, we hear what sounds like a phone ringtone and I’m laughing hard because it’s the theme to Taito’s 1983 arcade hit Elevator Action playing and I have to give it up to that repair guy for choosing the right tune for the right job. The guy in the elevator with me probably thought I was going nuts, but I did my best by explaining it was music from an old arcade classic. It was more like three more minutes before we were freed, but I had to compliment the repair guy for his choice in music. He laughed and said that maybe two or three times a month someone points this out and he’s glad some still recall the game.

Naturally. I asked if he’d ever played Elevator Action Returns, and he hadn’t, but a few seconds of scrolling on his phone convinced him that he needed to and soon. I asked if he had a older game console (as Taito Legends 2 has a solid port)  or PC that could run MAME, and he said he’d ask one of his kids when he got home. He thanked me for the info and automatically reached out for a handshake, but caught himself and turned that into a thumbs-up gesture which was fine by me.


Job well done! Well, except for the explosion-caused sinkhole…






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