Sakura Wars: It’s About Time, Sega

sakura wars 01

Boom time for Sega continues!


I think it was about 1998 when a friend visiting from Japan gave me his used copy of Sakura Wars as a gift after he found out I really liked strategy games and had made my way through a few Japanese games with a bit of effort and persistence. Well, I ended up picking up Sakura Wars 2 a few years later, but never played either game thanks to thinking Saturn games would all be successfully emulated and/or localized at some point and I wouldn’t need to learn any more Japanese other that what little I picked up from a few dictionaries and games over the years. Well, that and yes, I was a bit lazy to my great disadvantage (Or not that lazy, as I finished four Front Mission games, two FEDA games and a few other imports with not too much hassle). Anyway. with 2000+ games in the library here, I never got around to to playing either title.

Flash forward to this trailer and I’m quite a happy camper:

A reintroduction to a classic, but with modern touches? Count me in 100% and then some, Sega. I’d heard one of the soundtracks a few years ago, so that music rolling back in was a goose bump springer if there was one. Both the official site and Sony’s game page show an April 28, 2020 release date. as does the GameStop pre-order page if you want to get this for yourself or as a gift.

Sakura Wars preorder

I really like that Sega is getting out a modest standard version with just a few stickers and a reversible cover so the game comes in hot at a normal price point. Some may disagree, but I’d rather see this in an edition that many new players can afford outright than overpaying auction prices for some rare special collector’s edition. Although I’m sure if the game goes really well, that might happen down the road. As usual, we shall see.



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