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Ice, ice, maybe?

I used to play a lot of sports games a long time ago on a number of systems I own or have owned. I don’t these days save for assorted racing games I like and some “extreme” sports games, but Netamin’s Hockey Manager 20|20 does look somewhat intriguing with all those charts and graphs to peruse and use. The trailer isn’t at all that exciting unless anything about the sport automatically gets you cheering, so here you go – a little test, followed below the jump by a slew of screenshots and some game info.

About Hockey Manager 20|20

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Enjoy state of the art hockey management. Accept the challenge and lead your favorite club as a manager and coach to fame and fortune. Whether in Europe or America, the game covers all facets of our favorite sport.

You have complete control over the sporting and financial aspects of your team. You determine the team’s player squad/lines, training, transfers, sponsors, merchandising, stadium, amateur/youth programs and much more. All the important decisions lay in your hands.

The action-packed 3D match day allows you to change your lines and players in real time.

The game world is almost infinitely expandable via the editor.

Despite the high complexity of the game, it is very easy to use, and you can choose which areas you like to delegate to assistants.

Use your tactical skills and motivate your team to bring them up to their top form at the right moment and win the trophies.

If you are successful, you can also lead your national team to become the next World or Olympic champion.

Best Hockey Manager ever
Train and manage your hockey team from the lower leagues to the top of the sport

Take the job as national coach and lead your team to World Cup titles and Olympic victories

Huge range of functions with training, tactics, transfers, stadium, fan support, farm teams and youth teams, merchandising, private life, stock market, real careers, and much more

Easy to use thanks to the intuitive e-mail system and the many assistants

Action-packed presentation of live 3D games, with full control of your own team in real time

The community and editor-functions make it easy to create and edit all leagues in the world – including players, jerseys, sponsors, referees, and much more. Exchanging data with other players is easy via the Steam Workshop

That’s a lot, isn’t it? Granted, I’ll admit it’s not for me, but this looks as if it will be a slap shot that zips straight into the goal for the most dedicated fans of the sport, so that makes me happy if they’re happy.



3 thoughts on “Gallery: Hockey Manager 20|20

  1. For ten years now, since my Windows 98 desktop PC died, I’ve been trying to figure out how to play EA Sports NHL98 again. A friend just gave me a desktop computer, and I think I’ve discovered on-line how to get this thing going again. After reading this post, I was curious: was NHL98 one of the sports games you used to play?


      • Wonders WILL never cease! Here’s a sample of NHL98, the one I have and love. I was still playing this in the 2000s when I found a guy in Sweden who had TONS of add-ons and mods for this game; he let me download them, and holy cow, how cool they were! New ads, brand names on helmets and sticks, updated scoreboards for each arena…and I could dig inside the game and make changes to player names, arena names, stats, etc. It was incredible. Hopefully I can get it running again!


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