Cathedral: Decemberborn’s 8-Bit Take, An Instant Classic In The Making


In the works since 2014, Cathedral instantly evokes the look, sounds and gameplay of classic Nintendo Entertainment System games to the point that you’d almost think someone went and discovered a hitherto unseen prototype circa 1987 or so. That title screen below looks exactly as it should and I’m betting a nickel you’re all smiling as that music from the talented Aron Kramer plays out.


Helsingborg, Sweden-based Decemberborn Interactive (lead by Lead Programmer Eric Lavesson) has been hard at work making sure their baby arrives on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX based computers in as perfect form as can be. But it’s also a hopeful note from this writer that the game reaches consoles at some point. More specifically, anything with the Nintendo brand stamped across it. That would probably big a huge honor for a team striving to recreate a classic style of game and doing such a stellar job at it. Oh, you’d love to see some GAMEPLAY? Okay, that’s covered:


Yeah, that hit the spot, huh? More below the jump, so… JUMP!

As for the story and such, it’s not quite been fully revealed. But here’s info from the official site:

Cathedral header

Cathedral is a game which takes you back to the roots of NES gaming. Its main focus is on exploring an unknown world, trying to figure out where and who you are. Discover a world full of towns, dungeons and hidden areas. Conquer the dungeons and find items that will help you unearth more of this strange world.

Avoid both traps as well as the dangerous creatures that inhabit this peculiar place while claiming back your skills and memories, one dungeon at a time.

Large non-linear world, meant for exploring!
Secrets, puzzles and side quests
Old school 8 bit action adventure gameplay
Seven dungeons to conquer, each unlocking new skills and items to help you reach new corners of the world
Many distinct areas, each with it’s own unique aesthetics
Several towns to visit and NPCs to interact with

Early boss battle demo? Well, here you go:


Screenshots? Why yes, we have those as well. You’re welcome!


While no concrete release date has been set, you’ll want to keep a good eye on Cathedral as it progresses. If it’s as tight as it looks, retro fans will have a new knight to keep them up all night playing with.



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