Tick Tock Bang Bang: Kitchen Sink Slo-Mo Hollywood-Style Destruction? Yep, That’s A Buy


Dejobaan-Games-Logo-ColorDejobaan Games‘ latest eye-popper, Tick Tock Bang Bang comes out tomorrow on Steam and yes, you probably need to be dodging cars, lasers and anything else the game throws at you just because this can come in handy as a real-life survival skill. Well, for a pie fight, maybe.

In real life, all of us who see a flying car would either scream like a busload of kittens going off a cliff or whip out that phone of camera to snap a selfie, THEN scream like that busload of kitties going off that cliff as the car was about to crush us like a grape.

Priorities, people, PRIORITIES. Duck and cover FIRST, then pop up to take that selfie right before the bus you were waiting for falls on your head because you didn’t look UP first. Oops.

For a bit of practice, here are some GIFs, as they do a good job of distracting you AND teaching you how to dodge pie-like stuff coming your way:

GIF - Terminal Velocity GIF - Exploding Android GIF - Laser Show GIF - Subway Fight


Too distracting? Okay, okay. Here are a few non-moving screenshots to tide you over until tomorrow, then:

tick_tock_bang_bang_alleyway tick_tock_bang_bang_car_accident tick_tock_bang_bang_exploding_walker tick_tock_bang_bang_giant_robot tick_tock_bang_bang_truck_cars_people

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