Goliath: Expect Big Things From This Mech-Building ARPG


Octopus Tree is a brand new publisher with a couple of really impressive looking upcoming titles. The one that jumped out and bit me the hardest (ouch!) was Whalebox Studio’s Goliath, an action/adventure RPG coming to Steam on May 12 for $19.99 where you build robots and take them out for some quality time in order to meet other like-minded robots and other big beasts with the intention of nicely or not so nicely knocking the stuffing out of them.


But don’t let me let you think I’m pulling your leg here. I don’t know you all THAT well and heck, I’d ASK first before I pulled anything on you even if you wanted me to (but I avoid fingers for obvious reasons). Ahem. Any-way… just watch that trailer above then go click below the jump and peek at part of the press release. Hey, I’m trying to finish up another writing gig here and I’ve a meeting in about ten minutes, so our “me” time today is somewhat limited…


Goliath puts players in a world where massive monsters roam freely and gamers scavenge for resources and materials to create powerful giant robots called Goliaths. Goliaths can be customized and outfitted with weapons for various situations and battle preferences. Players can also create items and tools, build their fortress and find new allies, and choose which factions to support in the war that is sweeping across the world.

Goliath Game Features:

  • Build, Create and Destroy: Construct and customize giant Goliath robots, crafted from the materials found and tools earned along your journey to help level the playing field against the world’s colossal beasts.
  • Living World: Procedurally generated environments, quests and events, and a living ecosystem with changing weather and day and night cycles ensure that no two games of Goliath will ever be the same.
  • Adapt to Your Environment: Players must consider how different weather conditions affect various Goliath types while interacting with countless creatures to hunt and fight.
  • Boss Battles: Battle gigantic bosses that dwarf your massive mechanized warriors!
  • Cooperative Multiplayer: Goliath supports four-player co-op. Each player’s world has unique quests and rewards, and any loot you earn in co-op can be used in single-player mode.
  • Play Your Way: Choose one of several factions in a massive war that’s sweeping the land and determine who will come out on top. Players can build a fortified base to take on everyone or take on the role of a roaming nomad.


There goes my other half of May, I suppose. I’d hire a helper monkey to play all these games while I sat there and wrote about them, but that furry jerk would have more fun than a barrel of himself and that’s too much entertainment for one monkey to handle. I guess I should go see about getting a code, huh? Hey, Danitraaaaa! I’m going to bug you about Goliath shortly – keep your ear to the ground.


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