The Last Crown: Midnight Horror – Iceberg’s Happier Halloween Adventure Looks Like A Winner


You should SEE my backlog, ladies and germs. It’s huge and scary like a mountain and just as hard to move. That said, Darkling Room‘s new game The Last Crown: Midnight Horror looks really fun. I’d never even heard of the developer until I got an email about this one and how it’s a lighter fright game that’s also an in-between chapter of The Lost Crown and the still in development The Last Crown: Blackenrock, two adventure games I now need to also play at some point. No experience with the first game is needed here as the game’s Halloween theme makes it a standalone “between cases” experience.

Take a gander at the trailer and screens below the jump and if you like what you see, you can grab the game on Steam for a mere $4.49, 50 cents of the normal price of $4.99 (a total BARGAIN for such a cool-looking throwback).


MidnightHorror01 MidnightHorror01 MidnightHorror02 MidnightHorror03 MidnightHorror05 MidnightHorror06 MidnightHorror07 MidnightHorror08 MidnightHorror09 MidnightHorror10 MidnightHorror11 MidnightHorror12 MidnightHorror13 MidnightHorror14 MidnightHorror15 MidnightHorror16 MidnightHorror17 MidnightHorror18 MidnightHorror19 MidnightHorror20 MidnightHorror21 MidnightHorror22

Even better, publisher Iceberg Interactive is having a nice little Halloween Sale on Steam where some of their more popular titles are DEEPLY discounted up to 80% off. You can grab everything from Darkfall: Lost Souls, Dark Matter, Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder, Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage, The Lost Crown, and even the undead-themed DLC, Gas Guzzlers Extreme: Full Metal Zombie (which requires the original Gas Guzzlers Extreme to run)

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