Midnight City Gets Two (More) Big Indies to Publish…

DoubleFineLogoOkay, since my stupid spam filter was eating their emails until recently, I’ve missed Midnight City‘s fun press releases and videos for the indie titles they’ve published (and a few review opportunities as well, boo!). Anyway, with that little problem now solved, here’s what’s up from these guys this week. Costume Quest 2 is coming! Hoo-ray! Double Fine’s sequel to its Halloween-centric, candy filled role-playing game is indeed getting a release on PC as well as consoles (yes!). As you can see below, even Double Fine’s Grand Poobah, Tim Schaefer is in on the fun in this goofy Midnight City team promo video below the jump…


FullbrightCompanyLogoAs for Gone Home, I’ve heard many, many things about it but have yet to play it. All those awards must mean something, so I guess I’ll need to give this one a play at some point. From what I’ve heard and read, developer The Fullbright Company has created a masterpiece of powerful writing and effective visuals that linger in the mind long after the game is over. For a simple story about a missing family and the house they’ve left behind, this one seems to be one of those “games” that even non-gamers would want to give a try. Anyway, the former PC game is now headed to the PS3 and Xbox 360 thanks to Midnight City, so more can see what all the accolades are about.

Both titles are slated for digital release later this year – Expect an update with release dates once that information becomes available.

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