Review: Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Rick and Morty PS4Developer Owlchemy Labs really has a decent handle on this VR stuff, so Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality ($29.99) is pretty much a no-brainer for fans of that popular show who just so happen to own a PlayStation 4 and PS VR setup. The game’s about as as insane as the show and the VR is pretty neat and designed to be a good deal less frantic on the eye holes (meaning those of you who get a bit woozy from VR can rejoice).

While I’m not as much into the show as some of its more avid fans, a well-made game will always catch my eye (ow), particularly one with the totally offbeat (and not for the young kiddies) humor the show excels at. So, yeah, if you’re new to the show, have wee ones and this game pops up as a request (because some kids can be cooler than their parents, or at least get away with watching cartoons out of their age range), you may want to play it for yourself and have your jaw hit your shoes a few times before you let those kids take it for a spin. Oh, you’ll very likely laugh your ass off in the process of checking this out. But that’s a good thing, correct?

Rick and Morty 03


As with Owlchemy’s other VR games (like Job Simulator) , it’s all about the interaction with the environment and here, you’re playing as the floating head and hands of a Morty clone who’s more or less trapped and following Rick’s every whim (well, almost every whim). There are a lot of things to do as you travel around the different environments and while it may seem like busywork if you’re not into the show, there’s that solid sense of weirdness and deft insanity that a good R & M episode has right from the start. You’ll almost feel sorry for poor Morty (but not really) as he gets put through the paces by Rick. But hey, when you hang around with an off his rocker mad scientist, you have to pay that piper (and maybe guzzle some gasoline in the process).

The game works well enough using the dual PS Move controls, although you’ll need to deal with the occasional hitch when interacting with objects if they’re just out of reach. The game isn’t particularly lengthy on the surface (about three hours – par for the course for many VR experiences), but it’s got a great deal of replay value thanks to the level of interactivity in the locales, a ton of Easter Eggs and of course, that shrill black humor from the show that’s perfectly voice acted by the cast. It’s also a fun game to watch being played as what’s here is outrageous enough to want to share with like-minded fans who’ll want to pop on that VR setup and have a go themselves.

Rick and Morty 04.jpg

So yep, this one’s a winner and even better, if you’re a fan who needs a big box with extra cool stuff to show off, there’s a $50 Collector’s Edition out that has a bunch of goodies including the game, a Funko Pop! “Weaponized Rick” vinyl figure (with a 1 in 6 chance of scoring a limited Chase Variant figure), and an exclusive double-sided poster featuring Rick and Morty comic book cover art. You’ll probably keep everything but the game in the box, but know ye this: the family pet will get to it at some point (just for the box, of course).

Score: B+ (85%)


(Review copy provided by the publisher)


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