Review: One Eyed Kutkh (PS4)


Charmingly abstract and somewhat brief, One Eyed Kutkh comes highly recommended as a game that’s just as entertaining for kids as it is for adults looking for a nicely non violent bedtime story experience. Developer Baba Yaga Games and Sometimes You bring their inexpensive Unity engine indie to the PS4 and it’s a winner despite that short play length. Hey, sometimes you just need a tiny bite late at night, as a big full meal can often leave you with a rumbly tummy afterwards.

The story’s a simple one (and yes, so simple I’m swiping this from the official site because the PlayStation Network page isn’t up just yet):

A single traveler on his way home crashes on a mysterious planet. To continue his journey, he’ll have to get to the ninth heaven, deceive the Sun and the Moon and steal their space-boats.

That’s pretty much it, except the game uses no words at all save for intentionally alien noises coming from a few characters.


Initially, your little one-eyed space alien’s ship breaks down and crashes on a small planet. After finding a few missing gears, he’s out of luck when a final one ends up missing. There’s a bit of exploration as he makes his way through a short maze section and eventually to a spot where the Sun and Moon are hanging out on opposite sides of the screen. Figuring out what to do isn’t too difficult, but if you’ve been raised on games that casually hold your hand from start to finish, a few things might stymie you briefly. Or if you’re like me and played this too late one evening, you may drift off to dreamland mid-play because the game also has a slightly languid pace.


Yep, you get to take a nap (and get a Trophy for it) in this game because it’s SO laid back.

In true adventure game fashion, you’ll need to combine items to solve puzzles and at one point, there’s a character switch that’s necessary to get past a certain point. The wonderful storybook visuals and relaxing soundtrack do a solid job at keeping things as stress free as can be and the game uses a few humorous moments to keep you dialed in. You’ll probably complete this in about 45 minutes to an hour (far less if you look up hints, so don’t do that), but like a good storybook, you’ll very likely play it a few times just because it works pretty well at what it needs to do.

There are a handful of Trophies to nab if you’re into that, but nothing that will drive you batty trying to figure out while you’re trying to get your ship repaired. So, yep – go get this if you like quirky, cute indies that leave you with a smile floating on your face.


Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


Score: B+ (85%)


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4 thoughts on “Review: One Eyed Kutkh (PS4)

  1. Intriguing. The art style looks great but it’s hard to judge the game play from a distance. But here in the UK it’s going for £4.99 so it isn’t expensive so I may take a chance on it.

    Thank you for the review, it’s a helpful one.


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