Gallery: Tales of Xillia 2

ToX2_Screen Banner

Elle&Lulu LudgerThe past year plus has been quite good for fans of Namco’s Tales series here in North America as we’ve been getting some nice games and more on the way in a relatively “speedy” manner. Granted, not ALL of the games in the long running franchise have made it stateside, but Hideo Baba did promise last year at the Namco event I attended that fans would see some nice surprises over time from the eternally busy Tales Studio.

Tales of Heart R is one big surprise for Vita owners and here, Tales of Xillia 2 is the other, as it coming this August exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Screens below the jump and that $129.99 Collector’s Edition is below. Yes, pre-ordering this or the plain vanilla standard edition is probably a good idea as some retail locations will only stock what their customers have actually put down some money for and Tales games have the tendency to sell out rather quickly.

ToX2_CE_ShotAugust isn’t really that far away, you know…

TOX2_L_20140324_BTL_002 TOX2_L_20140324_BTL_006 TOX2_L_20140324_BTL_007 TOX2_L_20140324_BTL_008 TOX2_L_20140324_EVT_106 TOX2_L_20140324_EVT_201 TOX2_L_20140324_EVT_204 TOX2L_MAP__0007

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