Girl Fight: Your Catty Crew Is Battling Here With Fist and Feet to Faces…

…with so much fast-paced fighting action, you’ll hope they’ve tied their laces!

OK, that’s enough crappy poetry from me, ladies and gents. Kung Fu Factory’s new Mature-rated females-only fighter looks pretty darn cool, although I will say after too many years of playing video games, some of those character costumes look a wee bit familiar. That said, my interest is piqued and I wish to heck this game was on a darn disc and not just a download game. I have SO many digital games on a few hard drives that it’s a heck of a chore keeping up with what’s on which drive. I was planning to hire a helper monkey to sort through all my accounts and compile a list of stuff I have yet to play (or need to get back to because I started, got halfway or less in and had to move on to something else), but what usually happens in those cases is that monkey ends up playing too many games and not working as expected, grrr. Or worse, they’ll get to Girl Fight, get better than I will ever get and proceed to beat me senseless until they start getting paid. Ouch.

Speaking of “ouch”, the ladies would definitley like it if you looked at them in action above and in the screens below. NO ogling, leering and/or drooling , though… they’ll get pissed and poke you in the eye with a spiked heel (Ouch!)

img0000 img0015 img0016 img0043 img0059 img0065 img0067 img0069 img0079 img0089 Screenshot_2


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