Grand Theft Auto V: Meet The Boys of Late Summer (You’ll Be With Them For A While)…


Say “Hi!” to Franklin, Michael and Trevor, the three playable leads in Rockstar Games’ upcoming soon to be blockbuster, Grand Theft Auto V. Some of us GTA fans play these for the stories and wild characters and I can very safely say that this wild bunch will be the best trio of anti-heroes to date. For me, a new Rockstar game isn’t about violence or raising all types of hell, but sinking into the world and characters the team has created and getting a big smile going when everything clicks into place as each new chapter plays out.

As i haven’t played this yet, I’m not about to dissect these videos at all save to say that amazing engine being used makes the game look incredibly realistic and hopefully we’ll see some of these cinematic sequences flow into gameplay that’s just as thrilling. As for “favorite” character of these three miscreants, again, it’s hard to say without touching a controller, but I’d have to say Trevor’s arc might be the most “fun” to play given his intro video and personality:

That said, I don’t need to go into all sorts of analysis about the GTA series, as since the third game that pulled in millions of new players and all sorts of awards, Rockstar has been consistently upping the quality of the writing and visuals. All I know is these games are instant classics for solo players like me, as each game is best when you’re getting those bits of well-scripted exposition before setting out on missions to advance the story for a while before just taking off to wander around and find a nice spot to check out some stunning vista before hopping back into the mayhem.

Mark your calendars for September 17, 2013 and even if you’re not planning to buy or play this one, I can bet that you’ll notice a LOT of people not showing up at work that day (or rest of the week) in some places. They’ll be on a little vacation in the same busy, crazy world being whipped up for them by a team that’s the best at what they do…

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