The Elder Scrolls Online Goes Free Temporarily


Well. As an Elder Scrolls purist, I’ve resisted the lure of paying for this online only experience for a few core reasons. But thanks to Bethsoft and Zenimax Online’s plans to reel more of us in, I’m going to finally put a few days in and see if I like what’s here. This free trial lasts until 11/20 and is open to PC, Mac and PS4 users. Even more tempting: until 11/29, the cost of the full game drops 67% to $9.89, so it seems this plan may work for both companies after all. Still, my backlog is massive and my time is limited, so I don’t expect to do much over this trial period other than create a character and kick a few tires. We shall see. You Xbox One users griping, fear not. Your very own free weekend is coming soon.

Another incentive to play if you’re over 18 and have a valid passport is this awesome contest with some great travel prizes. granted, you don’t have to play in order to enter. But I’m sure that gesture would be appreciated.



2 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Online Goes Free Temporarily

  1. I’m also going to try it out while it’s free. And the fact that Tamriel Unlimited is not subscription based I might buy the game while it’s on sale.
    Since I heard about this free weekend I’ve looked into the game and I’m concerned that it might be a bit on the boring side but hopefully I’m wrong.


    • Well, perhaps we’ll run into each other, lol. I just signed up and am in the process of deciding on a character, so this could take a while… 😀 Ten bucks for the game if you decide to buy it is a steal.


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