E3 2014: Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer: One For The Fans Who Appreciate The ERPG…

Here in the west, I’s bet most gamers only know developer Piranha Bytes’ Risen series from the two console ports, which weren’t great because on the visual front, they distilled a game made for a decent 3D card down into a somewhat mushy-looking mess with some interesting gameplay elements and quests of decent length and challenge. As with other European-made RPG series such as Two Worlds and to some extent the Gothic games, Risen seems to sell well enough overseas on PC to garner more installments and I believe the console versions of these games do well in Europe as well. Here in North America where some are a LOT more picky about visuals and take some elements of their games too seriously, the combination of so-so looks, comedy bits that may seem out of place and perhaps simplified for game pad control schemes seem to turn some gamers off, leaving these titles to find a more niche audience.

Now, I’m a fan of the Risen games on console, warts and all, but I can see why some aren’t exactly jumping off their seats at this announcement trailer. On the good side, at least Deep Silver isn’t calling this CGI trailer a “gameplay” trailer at all. Now, I want to see how this looks in action on whatever it’s coming to so I can pick it up and play it whenever it’s released. Which, by the way will be August 12, 2014 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The pirate theme from Risen 2 is gone and the more familiar “medieval” fantasy look is back, so that’s a fine start. Not that I don’t like the whole pirate themed RPG thing, mind you…

3 thoughts on “E3 2014: Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer: One For The Fans Who Appreciate The ERPG…

  1. Gothic 1-3 are three of my favorite RPGs. I really enjoy the Elder Scrolls but they didn’t come close to capturing the same mood, atmosphere and sense of achievement that I like so much in Gothic.
    And even though the Risen series isn’t as good as Gothic I still enjoyed them and I know I’ll be playing Risen 3 when it comes out.
    I’m also tired of seeing CGI trailers. Being given a release date and price tag would make a better trailer if there is no in-game video to show off.


    • I’m one of those nuts that likes any open world RPG if it gets what its trying to do right without stealing (too much) from other games, so I’m a fan of the TES games, Gothic, Risen, Hard to be a God and more. I even liked the Two Worlds games because they mixed that bizarre humor a lot of people hated with some pretty well-designed maps and plenty of challenge (especially if you went in thinking it was going to be an easy time). I didn’t like Gothic 3 at first, but after getting the expansion and a few patches, it got much better.

      I even liked Arcania even though it had a TERRIBLE beginning and the combat was oversimplified to make things almost too easy once you learned some spells and got a good ranged weapon. I’d gather Deep Silver will release a gameplay trailer soon enough for Risen 3 – I’m too occupied to go look one up at the moment, but I’ll get to that next week.

      Oh, Happy Father’s Day if you celebrate that up thataway. My own dad passed away last year, so it’s a quiet day down here.


      • I’m sorry to hear about your Dad. After just a year I’m sure his absence still feel very strong.

        I also played and enjoyed the Two Worlds games even though they’re not that good. I tried Arcania but I couldn’t stick with it.
        I found some Risen 3 gameplay footage (in german) and it looks to be on par with what we have already experienced with the previous games; which is good.
        I’m also a big fan of open world games.


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