Drakengard 3 Launch Trailer: I Thought Gals Liked Dragons? Hmmm, I Guess Not In This Game…

It’s finally here in North America and looking more polished than its PlayStation 2 prequels, Drakengard 3 ups the action while going tonally sideways. Granted, the game still has the gloomy, doom-y feeling of the first two entries, but there’s more in the way of light comic relief as well as a decidedly more manga/anime edge to the character art. If you like what you see, zip on down to your favorite game emporium, slap $49.99 down on the counter (plus tax where applicable) and both you and your PS3 will be happy campers. If you’re eager to play but lazier or just prefer digital games, clickety-click on your PlayStation Network account and get this as a download on the PlayStation Store or the Square Enix Online Store for the same price. In an interesting twist, the physical game gets a standard retail packaging, but if you’re a digital-only drone, you can get a Digital Collector’s Edition exclusively on the PlayStation Store for $64.99. How that all works baffles me, but hey – it’s the future, so stuff is SUPPOSED to be baffling. I think.

Oh, and speaking of baffling… you get an interview with the game’s director, Taro Yoko, but he’s a puppet here. Don’t ask… just enjoy!

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