Assault Suit Leynos To Get PS4 Remake (Or: Target WORTH!)

Well, alright! I’ve never heard of Japanese developer Dracue Software, but they certainly made a name for themselves at this year’s BitSummit in Japan by announcing they’re working on a remake of the classic Sega Mega Drive game Assault Suit Leynos. The game, known in the US as Target Earth, will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive (at least for now, but I hope a Vita version is in the pipeline). The only thing up media-wise other than the game site is this teaser trailer that’s all footage from the original with the reveal that the new game is PS4-bound:

Yep, it’s a buy whenever it’s done and hopefully won’t be either a download-only game that gets buried on PSN with little fanfare outside its home country or worse, play like the Assault Suits Valken “remake” for the Japanese PS2. THAT game was based on the Super Nintendo-only sequel to Leynos (called Cybernator here in the States) and the PS2 version was just a chore to play effectively thanks to cumbersome controls and pretty accurate enemy shooting. My hopes are for the best, as Leynos was and is a great game to play through multiple times. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the soundtrack stays the same as the original game or isn’t remixed and/or fiddled with too much. Eh, we’ll see… I have faith in Dracue to not screw this one up…

2 thoughts on “Assault Suit Leynos To Get PS4 Remake (Or: Target WORTH!)

  1. WHHAAAAA?! This is awesome! I really really loved Assault Suit Leynos on the Mega Drive. It is so very hard but it’s still a really fun game. I remember having a lot of fun trying to get through it. I never got close to beating it until I discover a cheat code that makes you invincible.

    I recently bought the remake of Strider for the PS4 and during my first 5min I was starting to think it wasn’t very good. But I kept playing and it didn’t take much longer to realize that it really good and fun. I’m hoping that his Assault Suit Leynos remake will also hit the mark.

    And I really hope we continue to see this trend of putting real love into some great retro games.

    I had no idea this was coming. Awesome.


    • Yeah, this caught me off guard as well. I love this series (Leyos, Assault Suits Valken/Cybernator on the Super Famicom, Leynos 2 on the Saturn). Since the price dropped nicely on it, I’m picking up the PS2 import remake of Assault Suits Valken (Cybernator) even though it’s not great (I played a bit at a friend’s a few years back – it’s OK looking, but those controls and lack of any auto-fire options means you wear out your thumbs fast, plus the music came out a bit weird to my ears). As for this Leynos update, Yeah – that trailer had my head spinning because it’s one of those games that was awesome back in the day and if the develoepr can do it right will STILL be awesome.

      I beat it with my brother a few times – we alternated back and forth between levels – those last stages and final boss were a PAIN, but we did it after a few days of fighting with the game. I tried again a few months back and made it up to the 4th or 5th stage before I ran out of credits. Getting old, man… etting old. There’s also supposed to be a 2-player mode in the game I believe, but I forget how it was activated. I think one player had to partially play the first stage or something…


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