Earth Defense Force 2025 Update: Fencer’s Up, Bugs “R” Done!

EDF2025 PS3 fob EDF2025 360 fob

Just a friendly little reminder from D3Publisher of America that Earth Defense Force 2025 is going to finally be winging your way soon. Well, February 2014 may not seem like “soon” to some of you out there, but it’s going to be well worth the wait, that’s for sure. Anyway, yes – this clip is supposed to be funny because it’s mimicking trailers from old samurai films, so feel free to chuckle it up if you’re on the same vibe.

D3P-360-TK-01-image57_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image77_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image79_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image106_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image109_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image110_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image113_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image114_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image117_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image118_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image122_Fencer D3P-360-TK-01-image132_Fencer

Remember, people – EDF 2025 is ONLY coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so if you sold or traded off either console, start kicking yourself in the butt all the way back down to that game emporium. Or, if you gave your “old” system to your little brother or other relative, prepare to “borrow” it back and be NICE about it. No replacing that console with a cardboard box and an old telephone handset with analog sticks and buttons drawn on it with a Sharpie. You’ll get a sack of coal upside the head for that, pal!


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