KILLER IS DEAD 3rd Trailer: Suda’s Mondo Girls, The Moon, And All That Jazz…

KID_blackOh, yes indeed, Suda 51’s upcoming game, KILLER IS DEAD is sure to be one of those great sleepers that makes his longtime fans happy campers as it baffles those new to his work and riles up others who throw arbitrary rules of “reality” around in dopey ways when going after what’s clearly a fantasy-themed game. Gigiolo Glasses, a gorgeous gal riding a hypodermic needle and main character Mondo Zappa out for a stroll on the freaking MOON should clue you in that this one’s going to be bizarre even by grasshopper manufacture standards. That said, it’s also going to be another “Don’t you miss it at all!” game experience that’s sure to be remembered as a modern classic.

Of course, I say that about all of Suda’s work, as I’ve been into it for quite some time, so yeah – I’m a bit biased. Still, the man does come up with some of the most memorable characters male and female (and other, if you toss in some of those strange bosses in his games)…

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