TRI Hands-On: Rat King Games Wants You to Go After the Fox…


Okay, my preview for TRI is a bit late (the game drops onto Steam this Tuesday), but this is one of those wonderful indie gems that NEEDS to be played and enjoyed. Developer Rat King Games has made a fun and very challenging first-person puzzle/platformer that’s got influences from Portal and Okami to even a teeny-tiny bit of Minecraft. The build I spent some time with offered up some fine and challenging large levels that grew progressively trickier and from that simple tutorial, opened up into a game that’s going to surprise fans of quirky visuals and complex gameplay that keeps you hooked in. Come meet the Odd Gods and stay for a while – you’ve got a fox to catch (if you can)…


You play a nameless adventurer tasked with traversing some unusual environments in order to collect a set of fox statues needed to clear each map and move on to the next area. That tutorial and first area only hint at what’s to come and you soon find out that the game is far from just another polygon platformer. You’ll need to use triangles to build walkways, platforms, bridges and more in order to reach well-hidden statues or other parts of some maps. This aspect of the game is a ton of fun because you’re only limited by your imagination and whether or not you can keep as many of those triangles climbable. Yellow means you can walk, climb and jump on them while red means you’re not going far at all. Half the fun is figuring out how to get from point A to point B while watching out for hidden items and that pesky fox that slips past you at the most inopportune moments that usually lead to some tricky traversal moments. Or: If at first you don’t succeed… TRI, TRI again!

The rather large and colorful levels feature stylized semi-Asian themed visuals that have a nice cartoony look to them and are scalable across a nice range of PC’s. Of course, the beefier the system you have, the better the game looks and performs, but it’s no slouch on a lower end laptop once you tweak the settings down. If you’re not used to the super fluid keyboard/mouse controls, the game will take a bit of getting used to in terms of the jumping mechanics. But with a bit of practice (you can retry levels at any time and there are no lives to use as far as I could tell), you’ll be leaping those beams, well-placed triangles and other obstacles with ease. I’ll stop here before this turns into a full-on review, but if you’re into really well made and innovative indie games, well – here’s one for you. Give TRI a try on October 9 with it lands on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux – Rat King could use a bit of cheese after all the hard work it’s put into this gem.

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