D4 Needs Me, But I Don’t Have That Xbox One Yet…

Despite some solid reviews from folks that appreciate its weirdness, I’ve heard that the episodic adventure experience known as D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die doesn’t seem to be selling in decent enough numbers… yet. Granted, so far it’s only the first two chapters of what’s going to be a multi-part story and I’m betting that some Xbox One owners are holding out for some sort of complete disc or download version so they can play the entire game from start to finish. On the other hand, I also know that there are a good deal of people who yes, don’t want to play this game on anything but the hardware they own and I can respect that side of the argument to some extent. Between them and the crowd that ignores odd and innovative games like this because they refuse to step outside their comfort zone, that’s probably a lot of gamers missing out on what seems to be quite an interesting adventure…

Of course, I’d be a double hypocrite if I said I ONLY wanted to play D4 on my PS3 or Wii U, but I’m buying Bayonetta 2 BECAUSE it’s a Wii U exclusive (I’ve owned that console since it launched) and I want it to show that the system can handle a great HD game (and for the fact that it comes with a reworked version of the first Bayonetta that, according to Digital Foundry, performs better than both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions). My problem is I’m not much a big fan of Microsoft’s new console for a few reasons not easy to simply “get over” right away. Now, I have their other consoles and quite a few games here and enjoy them immensely. However, between the messy manner the console was introduced and all the back-tracking and hoop-jumping that went on between that early announcement and the launch, the exclusives that didn’t need to be (which makes me a TRIPLE hypocrite because that’s one reason I own a Wii U) and so forth and so on. Yaaaaaaaah, my head hurts from all this brain-flipping going on.

Yeah, it’s a mess in my noggin trying to sort tall this out, but at the end of the day, good games need to be played no matter what they’re on. On the other hand, limiting SOME new, non franchise mascot games to a single platform and expecting people who want to play these titles to make room for another console isn’t always going to work out well. Yes, Sony and Nintendo do the same thing with their own exclusives. But I don’t expect Mario or Link to be on anything but a Nintendo platform and Sly Cooper or Nathan Drake to be on anything but a Sony platform. Granted, Access Games did make D4 probably the best Kinect-enabled game to date, but it still doesn’t “feel”like it should be stuck on one console for eternity. Particularly one that’s not selling at all well in Japan, meaning D4 will do poorly there as well even if everyone who owns the console there buys it.

Somehow, Microsoft has managed to rub me the wrong way (and a bunch of other people), but I can forgive at some point. Not forget, mind you – they’ve burned just about every bridge possible and still have a few tankers of gasoline and too many matches left. That said, there are a handful of other Xbox One games that have my interest on that new console, but I’m in no hurry to run over some old lady picking through a discount bin of dented cans just to finally pick up a new console. I haven’t felt that way about any system in some time, so perhaps that’s just me being a wee bit tired of being marketed the next big thing to for less games than I’d actually buy as these consoles get more powerful. Meh, we’ll see what happens. I can’t let Swery down, as I’ve been into his work for quite some time…

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