Silent Hills: No Scare-City of Screams In This Soon to Be Horror Hit…

Now that a possible few million people have been scared half to death or so from that P.T. demo which has since been revealed as a teaser for the latest Silent Hill game, I’d say Konami, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro have got the attention of horror fans as well as curious folks who just so happened to be handed a controller just to see what happens.

Naturally, the reaction videos here are priceless, but Konami proves it’s not sexist at all because below you get to see a bunch of guys and gals at this year’s Gamescom nearly peeing themselves while trying to play that demo. Yeah, I wasn’t there, but I did play it at a friend’s place and yup, it gets pretty effective at times. Of course, part of the scare factor is the looping around the same map that changes so randomly I’ve yet to hear of two people having the exact same experience.

With all that looping around, crazy changes to the area and yes, those incredibly realistic visuals that play with your fears (if you hate cockroaches, darkness, messed up ghostly faces filling your screen and a few other things, break out the adult diapers), it’s clear that Sony and Konami have got a pile of money coming their way once this game is released…

I love that even the stage demo at TGS has the gal playing a bit freaked out and I know she probably ran through the demo a few times just so the experience would run as smoothly as possible. THAT’S the mark of a great demo and although there’s no word as to how Silent Hills will actually play (first person? third person?), I have the feeling that the game itself will get some attention outside the usual channels (as in I can see Hollywood come calling on this franchise again). Personally, I think games and movies and TV shows need to stay separate, as any interactive experience these days is MUCH better that sitting passive in a theater seat or on a couch waiting to be scared by stuff you kind of know is coming.

(Thanks, GamesHQMedia!) 

Of course, if anyone was to direct a future Silent Hill film, yeah… at this point, it HAS to be Del Toro simply because he’s got the eye and heart planted firmly in the genre and it just makes sense at this point that he take any film or TV project anywhere past the concept stage.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Silent Hills won’t be done for a while yet, so I’ll just start there and keep my fingers crossed that the game does more than well enough to warrant ventures into other media…

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