Killzone: Shadow Fall Launch Trailer: Sony’s 800 Pound Guerrilla Wants In Your House…

Killzone 3 DAFI’m quite proud to say I know at least one person who’s worked on this game a little from another game he worked on at another developer, so it’s good to hear this latest installment makes for a fine launch title. That said, I won’t get to play it for a while unless I get socked on the skull with a sack of money. THAT said, I’m actually not ticked off at not having a PS4 on launch day as I still have way too many titles from THIS generation to cover here. I prefer to do things at a more appreciative pace (as in NOT rushing through games to be the first to have a review posted) and enjoy the ride, as it were…

I used to work for a few sites that had the whip cracked on getting stuff done for a launch day or week review, but all that does is make for rushed reviews or worse, ones where not every element that made some games fun is covered thanks to what amounts to a forced speed run. THAT said, that I for some reason haven’t been invited to an SCEA event since 2011 (where I got that snazzy Killzone 3 blank book and DAF printed T-shirt above) and have NO idea why IS kind of ticking me off because no one seems to want to reach out and let me know what’s shakin’ and why. Yeah, there are bigger and more important things in life to fuss about, but I’d say this is something “little” that shouldn’t be stressed over at all if things went as they are supposed to.

Anyway, the countdown clock to my getting my own PS4 (as in buying, as I just KNOW I’m not getting one popping up with my name on it) is ticking away. I’ll let you know when there’s “Target Acquired” icon lighting up. Call me optimistically optimistic if you please…

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