Gamescom 2013: RIME – Ico Meets Journey in This Lovely PS4 Exclusive

(thanks, IGN

Tequila Studios’ upcoming PS4 exclusive, RIME looks wonderful in that ICO meets Journey manner with similarly rich (but more detailed) visuals and what sounds like a pretty lovely score (provided it’s not placeholder music). As for the story and gameplay, it’s tough to get a grasp on what the plot is and how this one controls from the video, but the game sure carries the influence of Team Ico’s work with those shadowy creatures and the protagonist using a torch to fight them off. It also looks like a more open world experience than ICO or Journey, but again, it’s tough to say much other than the game looks simply gorgeous.

I’m reserving any judgement on this one until it gets seen in person and played, so hopefully, Sony will get back to inviting those of us with smaller sites BACK to their press briefings, as they’ve been shutting out everyone who’s not packing in page views by the multiple thousands in exchange for what seems to be “strategic partnerships” with the big guns. This, of course… STINKS, as I used to be invited to SCEA events all the time and it’s a total pain in the neck to not get a response back to an email or a heads up that there’s something cooking in the city. Hell, I’m a train ride away and always thrilled to see new titles, so someone needs to start paying heed to the “little guys” (although after doing this stuff since 1998, I don’t consider myself “little”, grrrr…)

2 thoughts on “Gamescom 2013: RIME – Ico Meets Journey in This Lovely PS4 Exclusive

    • Oh, I’ve been around for ages writing for a few sites and magazines. Of course, I don’t have a massive ego either, but I’ve been in a few oddball places (If you have a copy of La Pucelle Tactics for the PS2, poke around in the manual – I’m there under “Special Thanks”) and have done a ton of gaming and non-gaming related projects since the late 90’s.


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