Random Art: Fit to Be Tied, Frees the Mind (I Guess)…

tiedWhee, more dumping from the way too busy brain factory upstairs. Yeah, a bit of being arty every so often helps me think (and that’s a good thing). I’m still playing catch up with the backlog (and dodging the occasional cranky Batman fan), but otherwise, it’s humming along on a few fronts.

I need to review a new chair (yeah, a chair, but what a chair it is, ladies and gents) and some other stuff, compete all those previews I’ve started and convince a few people to see The World’s End without me being there because I’ll be doing other things (like work and maybe more art? We shall see…). Yeah, you should see it, too. And speaking of films, yup, more Random Film of the Week action is on the way as well. Stick around… you’ll see…

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