Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Random Screenshot of the Day: Georgeus Interruptus 2…



In case you’re new to Greenvale or just dropping by here for the first time, let’s talk about Sheriff George Woodman again just so you’re up to speed on the man and his antics. FBI Special Agent Francis York (just call him York!)Morgan and he don’t get along well at all for a few reasons, but as you’re new, I’ll not go into all of them today. One thing that really ticks off York is George’s penchant for awful practical jokes at his expense. It’s bad enough to get a KICK KILL ME sign taped to your back that you don’t discover for the better part of the day (and only after the gal you’ve been eying, chatting with and potentially getting closer to sees it and starts laughing at you), but lately, it seems he’d going too far…

At the A&G Diner this morning, I overheard York talking to himself (…or someone who wasn’t there named “Zach” or something) about wondering what that axe and smelly costume was doing in George’s police car’s trunk and why that jerk was pulling such a stupid stunt when that Red Seeds Killer case wasn’t even solved Man, that George… What a total loser, huh? All I’ll say is if that killer gets wind of him and his stinky replica costume, the sheriff will be the one behind bars because he’ll need to sleep in the damn jail just to be on the safe side… what a creep…

DPDC PS3 US EFS 2D Real Hey, speaking of creeps, prepare to get a whole caseload of them in a week’s time when Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut lands in stores on April 30, 2013 exclusively for the PlayStation 3 from Rising Star Games. The updated HD visuals, PlayStation Move and 3D TV support, Trophies, all-new DLC and over 100 improvements over the original version should all have you halfway to hell or under the couch or both as you try to solve the mystery of the Red Seeds Killer before he strikes again. Personally, If I were York, I’d knock George on the head with a shovel and toss him in the trunk with his getup just so he won’t get in the way like it’s an episode of Scooby-Doo and there’s no fake killer to get “exposed” while the real one runs free. “Meddling kids!” indeed…

Hey, look! No, not here – up at that cool “launch” trailer above. Game Director Swery 65 is away today resting (so he says, but I was him in disguise at the Swery 65 Bar earlier because of the autograph seekers), so instead of a “candid” pic, you get that trailer to ogle. As for who he’s dressed as, well… I can’t tell you or he’d get upset. That said, he did leave a really tantalizing clue only a small amount of his TRUE fans can decipher. Something about a “Spy Fiction” or what have you… Hmmm…

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