Defiance: New Alien Sightings Make For A Spring Workout Plan…


More looks at syfy’s upcoming series DEFIANCE in a quickie alien preview. As noted earlier, this is really looking like it’ll be a show worth running home to see each week, provided you LIKE running home or running before you catch a favorite TV show. Hey, it’s SPRING and you could use to lose that winter fat, buddy. Yeah, me too, but I work at home, so I’ll need to run around the block a few times (or back from the library which is about 1/2 a mile from home) or the Starbucks with the better internet connection about 1.2 miles away. OK, I’ll “walk quickly”, as I don’t run for anybody and I’m certainly not going to run for office, even if it’s at home…

Woo. That’s cyclical humor at its finest, folks! I’ll be here all week – 2 shows nightly, 2 drink cover. Don’t forget to tip your server!


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