Work Those Zen-Like Reflexes in This Bundle Stars Deal

The Zen Bundle 

It’s been a long and hard week for some of you, I know, I know. What you need is something calming and stress relieving to do that’s not too taxing, so why not try a few games out bound to get you calmer? Bundle Stars just happens to want to chill you out a bit with The Zen Bundle, a collection of ten great games for a mere $2.49. Yes, twenty-five cents per game experience! The cool thing is what’s here ranges from short and thought-provoking to quirky and compelling. There’s fun to be had here in all these games, even the oddball “bullet hell” of Danmaku Unlimited 2. I have some of these games already, but I’d get this for Mountain:

and probably give another copy of the slyly sexy Luxuria Superbia as a random gift to someone who needs a game to play with that special person in their life. Hey, I’m good like that when it comes to digital delivery surprises:

As usual, you get a bunch of cool indie games for your backlog, some of your money goes to charity and everyone’s happy! Sure, it’s spring and you can run around in the melting snow all day, but if you’re not quite ready to have hungry squirrels jumping on your head in the park while you run in circles screaming, why not stay in for a bit and RELAX?


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