Sunday Is A Slow Boat to the Bottom of the Internet Sea…

(thanks, Titanic821!) 

Ah, the best laid plans of ice and men. Bleh. Between waking up a bit late and the HORRIBLE connection I have today at both Starbucks I’ve been to and my computer still acting a bit funky (well, it only made that tattling noise once for about a half second, but I’m still worried), I’m not getting what I need to get done DONE. Boo. The connection here keeps dropping, meaning my downloads aren’t completing properly or at all, a few drafts need some fixing thanks to losing the connection before an autosave and so forth and so on. Now I know why they play all that calming new age music here – so people frustrated with the crappy wi-fi don’t go berserk and start slamming their laptops and tablets to the floor. Meh, I’ll need to drag myself out of bed bright and early, I guess. My stupid virus scanner just stopped working after a reboot, which means I need to re-download and install it. Niiiiiice. Okay, that’s it – off to drown my sorrows in whatever ice cream like substance is in the freezer and maybe finish playing a game I need to review…

2 thoughts on “Sunday Is A Slow Boat to the Bottom of the Internet Sea…

    • And the funny thing is… I’ve reverted to using a dial-up connection now and it’s FASTER than the three places I ended up going to use wi-fi, none of which were crowded at all today.


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