VGA 101: If Monday’s Still Kicking You Around, It Could Be Worse…

You could be some poor guard in or under Garuda Compound in Valhalla Knights 3. These poor saps never get a break at all, as you can see in these screens. Hell, no matter what day of the week it is, they’re going down hard and fast if your party is properly leveled and you’re in no mood to be trifled with.

2014-02-10-144226 2014-02-10-144231 2014-02-10-144239 2014-02-10-144244 2014-02-10-144250 2014-02-10-144259 2014-02-10-144303 2014-02-10-144313 2014-02-10-144316

Ouch. But wait, there’s more…

2014-02-10-144951You know… some people just don’t learn. Here we go again!

2014-02-10-144958 2014-02-10-145004 2014-02-10-145009 2014-02-10-145017 2014-02-10-145020 2014-02-10-145027

Yeah, yeah, this is a sort of spoiler for those who still haven’t gotten past a certain point in the game or somehow got stuck at a certain point because the game tends to be very vague when telling you where to go. But I think most of you won’t mind or care.

2014-02-10-145641Oh, wait… here comes round three (this won’t take long, folks):

2014-02-10-145648 2014-02-10-145655 2014-02-10-145701 2014-02-10-145709 2014-02-10-145714 2014-02-10-145721 2014-02-10-145729 2014-02-10-145734 2014-02-10-145742

So yeah, take THAT, Monday! Remember, folks – I’m doing this all for you free of charge. No evil minions were hurt in the making of this post, by the way. They all got up and went straight to lunch – this IS a union gig, you know…


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