Young Justice Legacy Hands-On Update: Still Kicking (and Punching) For A November Launch

YJL Logo (Custom)First, the “bad” news (which isn’t bad at all when you read the good news): Young Justice Legacy is coming out in November for multiple platforms, not September as noted a few updates back. The “good” news (which is actually great news): the delay (which is thanks to the started later Nintendo versions) will give developer Freedom Force more time to polish this already fun action “RPG-light”. The gameplay is heavy on the easy to tap out combo attacks and special moves, while the character customization should appeal to gamers who like to beef of their heroes to be better, faster and stronger versions of their already powerful selves.

LOYJ-Legacy_PS3_NOA_Wrapper_3D young justice Wii U LOYJ-Legacy_X360_Wrapper_3Dsm

Some additional hands-on time this week when Little Orbit dropped into NYC revealed that the game is really shaping up to be a solid and pretty decent game experience that’s not going to reinvent any wheels, but should please fans of the canceled show in terms of where the story fits into the canon and the dozen playable characters from the show. You’re getting an action-heavy pick up and play game along the lines of Justice League Heroes or Marvel Ultimate Alliance with more stylized visuals, a nice set of locales from and inspired by the show, a voice cast full of folks from the show and some classic DC villains to go up against solo or with up to two other friends offline or online.

While there will be a dozen heroes to eventually play as, the game’s customization feature will allow for plenty of character tweaking through assorted skills and gear upgrades that transform your growing super-team into a force to be reckoned with. Of course, after playing through a few parts of the game, a few tips must come to the uninitiated such as when encountering enemies, always go for ones with projectile weapons first, as they tend to whittle away your team’s life bars if you’re careless. Watch out for huge spotlights unless you like getting shot by some VERY accurate snipers (hey, the job pays well in this game) or having a pack of fresh enemies drop down on your head ready for a fight.

One thing I noted is the game seems made for co-op play, as in some non-combat sections your allies will get into trouble on their own (the aforementioned spotlights and snipers sequence and a series of falling ice blocks in another level) and unless the character you’re controlling makes it to a checkpoint in one piece (whereupon everyone is revived), you may find their path finding skills a bit too careless. In combat, they hold their own quite well enough, but leaping in to assist or switching between heroes with the D-pad keeps the game flowing at a decent clip.

As noted, YJL is shaping up to be a pretty cool sleeper that, while geared for younger gamers, should make for a solid enough diversion for any comic fan looking for a little more DC action in a more interactive format. There’s not really much more to say here other than yes, the 3DS version is different in terms of gameplay and obviously won’t look exactly like the console versions, but we’ll get to all that in a review down the road. Little Orbit is also getting Falling Skies, Barbie and Monster High fans some cool titles this year and next – more on those in a bit…

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2 thoughts on “Young Justice Legacy Hands-On Update: Still Kicking (and Punching) For A November Launch

    • I’m not sure how long the game will be (that’s up to the player and the difficulty level chosen, I’d gather), but it has a lot of locations to pop into (although you’re not exactly getting a true “RPG” sized experience). I think it’ll do well with the fans of the show, but it’s hard to say if it’ll have legs outside that, super-core gamers who look at graphics and don’t like this because it’s not “realistic” and folks who are going to buy Arkham Origins and not play anything else with a cape or tights in it because they compare everything (no matter if it’s not necessary to do so)…


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