Defiance “Great Place” Trailer+: Brave New Perspective…

So, DEFIANCE is up and running mostly fine on multiple platforms (and with some of the usual MMO launch issues that settle out after a patch or two) and people seem to be playing and enjoying it, but it still looks as if many are waiting for the show to start up before taking that plunge.

I’d gather that there’s still some confusion about this being a “license” when in fact, the game and show were created simultaneously and meant to bounce off of each other in a way that’s new to both mediums. That’s not hard at all to wrap your head around, but we’re in the age of absolute skepticism about the wrong things, especially when there’s no big explanations necessary other than what you “get” once you open your eyes and look and/or pick up a controller and play.

Between the game, show and additional content such as the Ark Hunter Chronicles that add to the lore, it’s clear that DEFIANCE has been well planned and so far, executed to break new ground across the board in the TV and game space. Now, it only needs MORE people willing to see what it’s all about and hop into both the show and game with equal relish and respect for the team’s brave new worlds…

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